Last night was the Marina Abramovic x Givenchy MoMA final party. I don’t know why Givenchy is all up in Marina’s business – cool ??? Both people I love and adore but am surprised to see in a creative alliance. The Tisci generation of Givenchy babes brought it – clad in stark metals, extravagant lace, and sheer everything.

Hello, Lakshmi. Into your garment’s Ren-Faire neckline.

Mariacarla. Trust me guys it was hot in NYC last night. No need for fucking around with prissy things like blouses. Especially when you’re going to fancy art parties, and you look like Mariacarla.

The granny panties are so refreshing and keep it from being incredibly slutty – kinda 50s pin up goes alienesque.

The best in Givenchy? Malgosia hands down. Rockin’ piles of chains like it’s no thang.



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2 responses to “TISCI’S BABES

  1. I leave my house on a regular basis dressed like Mariacarla. She’s my girl.

    I wonder how much everyone at this party was into Marina Abramovic – I think she’s the bomb, so I’m just jealous I wasn’t there.

    • I know, right? She’s in the background of all these pictures which is fascinating – but I doubt some of the more superficial types care about her!

      Next Marina Abramovic party we’re crashing it! ox

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