Lately I’ve been wearing lipstick almost every day. It’s become something like mascara so basic but utterly transformative. It’s powers are mighty. It can instantly transform a bland beige look into something a bit more dangerous. Here are a few pictures my friend Matt took awhile back  – me, Jess, Eva, and Jaquana. The  shade I’m wearing above is called Beguiled by Topshop – discovered it in the store and it’s the perfect wine-stained treasure, it would be a bit more lovely if only it were a bit more matte.

Maybe I will start updating more frequently, but I’m so very sick of this design… Will try to vamp it up and make some new magic happen. Already missing Fall and being able to just wear a cardigan like in these photos, it’s already time to dress like a big marshmallow.


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  1. blackenedblue

    I love that color! What is it?!

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