As a fashion assistant at the veritable fashion bible, Women’s Wear Daily, each day was challenging and new. Whether it was doing arduous research and pulling inspiration from a bevy of sources, or running around like crazy with a lint roller, every moment was precious. I want to start to share old memories, since a lot of times it was my duty (and privilege!) to document the behind the scenes at cover shoots and fashion spreads. The pictures below were taken for an Ashlee Simpson & Melrose Place story. Ashlee was the chillest/funniest of all the actresses, I have to divulge.

Fooling around with all the jewelry! Good gracious! I’m missing that tan right about now.

I spy Tom Binns! And maybe a bit of vintage Givenchy …

Pssssst. Some very cutesy options from Stella McCartney, Preen, Jasmine Shokrian, and Phillip Lim amongst others.

Stylist/Fashion Editor/Mentor extraordinaire Leila Baboi showing Ashlee (in Stella) some options.

Hope you enjoyed this ‘lil peek behind the scenes. More to come – if you so wish.


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  1. Ahh WWD, such good memories. My very first internship back in 2005, it’s a bit different now, but I do miss the behind the scenes magic.

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