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Whatever.  I could watch Anne Hall no holds bar any day of the year and every day of the year and it never ceases to make the world stop for a couple of hours. Annie’s family reminds me of my family and Chippewa Falls reminds me of Home Acres and I actually do have a Grammy Hall. It’s the movie that says the most about me. It was the first Woody Allen movie I ever saw and it spiraled what some may classify as an unhealthy obsession. Of Allen’s vast filmography I have only seen barely half, but I just bought a bunch of VHS copies off eBay so slowly but surely it will happen.



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“he was as tough and romantic as he city he loved. behind his black rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat. new york was his town, and it always would be.”

Impeccable set up to one of my favorite movies of all time. Call me ridiculous but this movie gave me a hyper romantic idealistic view of New York and I have yet to be disappointed. The city continues to amaze me. What’s your favorite opening scene of a movie?


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SUPER HOT FILM STILLS FROM A SINGLE MAN – Tom Ford’s directorial debut, a visually sizzling cinematic wonderpiece. La dee da, fluffy language but really  I can’t explain the intense, visceral quality of the film properly in sentences. It’s arousing. Probably the best movie i’ve seen in the theater all year. and I go to the movies a lot. Maybe my second favorite movie I saw was Broken Embraces by Pedro Almodvar. Both of these movies were snubbed by the Academy.


Ps- wow! So many posts today. I’m feeling bloggy.

Pps. As I watched this film I realized how intensely my friend Matt Billings aka Mothlight Band looks exactly like Nicolas Hoult. Forreals.


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If I was that sort of film snob that chose movies by their titles, then Klute probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Instead I choose movies based on what Netflix recommends to me. Side note to Netflix: you get me. I like this. Somehow you know I’m into visually striking, cerebral 1960s foreign films? What? Anyway, Klute’s 1970s New York oozes dirty glamour, A cornucopia of high class hookers and sweaty club scenes, sequined maxi dresses and feathered hair. I mean, C’MON! If anything, an important lesson learned: Jane Fonda totally brings it when playing a sex worker. Also see Barbarella. So in summary, full of awesome.

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Antonioni in Color

Let’s preface this with me admitting I am a complete film geek! I’ve argued with friends (Matt Billings, maybe?)  about Antonioni’s supposed tetralogy. Some people don’t like to include Il Deserto Rosso in the grouping. Well, I protest! Antonioni’s display of isolation and stark visuals hinting at existentialist philosophies are OMNIPRESENT, so there, I like to group it along with the likes of La Notte, L’Eclisse, and L’Avventura.Monica Vitti-no one plays miserable prettier than you. Voila,  some stills.

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Mad about Man Ray

One of my all time favorite artists-no explanation necessary. Just feelin’ extra into the surrealism movement today. Read up on the Surrealist Manifesto here.

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My words cannot adequately express Kenneth Anger’s style. At once shocking, flirty and gorgeous, his movies pioneered a movement and inspired a generation of filmmakers.  Maybe my faveskies theme he explores is the supernatural-haunting, beautiful, etc.

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