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Today is a very special occasion, the birthday of the extraordinary Kate Buckwald. To wish Kate Buckwald a very happy birthday, today the party dress is hosting a fancy party for the birthday girl. We originally bonded over bicycle rides and french lessons in Santa Barbara, but soon realized we both shared an obsession for Law and Order Special Victims Unit and Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga.

There will be dancing. Prancing, a bubble machine, and truffle fries.

All of the most important guests have been flown out to Kate’s Savannah Home. Isn’t it absolutely divine? Did you know Kate Buckwald is known as “The Only Cool Person From Georgia?”

These important guests include Mister Tom Ford and Nick Hoult, both head to toe in Tom Ford.

Beyonce stops by to show her support. She sings an acoustic version of Single Ladies, and then has to jet off to Japan to sign some records for fans.

The entire party noshes on peaches. Georgia peaches! And cream.

Time for presents! Nicolas Ghesquiere could not make the party, obligated to finish Spring 2011 sportswear and such, but he did sent air mail from France. Yes, this lovely pair of geometric oxford heels. What else is the birthday princess supposed to wear dancing?

And from me? A red bicycle, which needs a little backseat, non? Soon it will be ready to ride around the breezy Santa Barbara streets!



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My parents always warned me against meals you eat while in jail. Don’t mess up, they would say, or you’ll end up eating just milk and bread, and what kind of person can live off milk and bread alone? Now, while there are far worse things to worry about while behind bars,  what with the possibility of shanking and rape. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes – In the midst of attempting to make an analogy. Bread and milk is how i feel about all these classic styles coming back into fashion. Staples, certainly, but a girl can’t live off milk and bread alone – nor can she live off of beige, tan, and stark basic clothing options. Atleast this one cant – I haven’t the discipline for minimalism.

One look I’m obsessed with – beyond the paring down of studs and other shredded bullshit, is shearling! What better way to make someone think you could possibly be AMELIA EARHEART? Heaven knows she was never found… It’s a little bit airplane pilot, a eensy bit Penny Lane-catch my drift? Shearling is FUN!

Shearling from Burberry FW10.

Shearling on Lili in I Shot Andy Warhol

Burberry yet again. Can you blame me?

One might be inclined to romp around pantless through a quiet meadow while wearing such playful fur (faux i hope!)

JCrew’s Fall Winter 2010 collection features gorgeous shearing details!

Love child chic – et cetera. What do you think? Will you be going fuzzy, furry, etc? I THINK I WILL BE.  Until then – you can find me lurking overpriced vintage stores trying to find a Penny Lane-esque coat.


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With studs, shreds, embellishment, metallics, fringe, tie-dye, and exaggerated lace so prevalent in recent seasons, the fashion industry seemed to be suffering from epic overstimulation. But leave it to to Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, and Phoebe Philo to bring back an ease into clothing. At first gander, these clothes could seem frumpy or even a bit boring. Take a closer look: hey’re anything but!

Fall clothes are all about details – clean lines, precise angles, chunky knits, peter pan collars to hint at a refreshingly easy 60s and 70s silhouette. These are seasonless pieces to be worn by women. Swoon!

WARNING. I doubt this will be the last 60s/70s inspired post! Check out the entire beautiful Vogue UK editorial over at Noir Facade!


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The ‘Pool Parties’ at the Williamsburg Waterfront start today. They used to take place at McCarren Park next to the pool but gossip and folklore tells me someone DIED in that pool. Anyway perhaps unrelated, now they’re at the Waterfront. Magical. The first concert tomorrow is Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof, and Why? Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu are playing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures but in all candor I couldn’t really give a fuck. I’m going for WHY?

WHY? is Yoni Wolf’s project, he is on Anticon record labels along with a bunch of other kickass bands (odd nosdam, doseone)… I am bad at putting musical genres into words but it is folksy feverish psyched out indie rock with a pitter patter of hip hop/rap. Sometimes shocking, weird, vulnerable lyrics. Anyway WHY? is one of my favorite bands ever.

Do you listen to WHY?  Or do you hate it? Talk to me about it! In the coming weeks these cool bands will play too: Cut Copy, No Age, !!! (what?! I had no idea they were still around!), Delorean, Chromeo. Most of all it’s free! And in my neighborhood!

Here’s more straightforward information on Brooklyn Vegan.

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The latest editorial to absolutely enchant me happens to be photographed by Terry Richardson (for Vogue Nippon). Honestly, I’m going to ignore the entire discussion about his alleged perversion as some of my favorite artists have less than kosher reputations: Woody Allen (pssst!), Roman Polanski (AHEM!), you probably get the idea…

What does shine through for me in this editorial is the importance of a dynamic creative team. Stylist George Cortina channels with extreme precision Jane Fonda’s style in Klute.  Equipped with square-shaped gold rimmed oversized sunnies, turtlenecks, and skillfully employed belts, INSTANT TIME WARP. The model, Freja, is the perfect mirror to play off Jane’s gamine yet luxe appeal in the 1970s film. Terry’s photos evoke a vintage, days-past sensibility and it WORKS in this edit without flaw. Klute is one of my favorite New York films, and I’m thrilled to see that fashion editors are taking note of it.

If you haven’t seen Klute, what are you waiting for?! It’s on Netflix Instant View so get with it. OH yeah ps – See my previous post on Klute HERE !

Images via Noir Facade.


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Hey hey it’s your birthday.

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Go USA! The land of 7-11, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Woody Allen, California beaches, Elvis, Slip n Slides, Jet Skis, Denim cutoffs, and Ralph Lauren… Happy 4th. Hope yours is filled with fireworks, barbecues, and popsicles… Try to wear a little RW&B! I’m painting my fingernails denim blue…

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