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A new shoe line I discovered today is a god-send for New Yorkers and country girls alike. Perfect for braving subways, alleys, meadows, and riverbeds alike – they look like they’d wear in nicely, but still have plenty of flair. And since I’ve been wearing heels a lot lately (Who have I become?!!) a practical pair of flat boots would be nice. Definitely a brand to watch – New Kids. I didn’t even make the New Kids On The Block pun, but trust me, I definitely thought about it.



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Every time the Autumn leaves start changing colors, temperatures drop, and the wind picks up… Wait. Who am I kidding, I’m from Southern California? Our imaginary Fall always leaves something to be desired, but each year dreamed of dressing like a detective. Something about it screams Fall. A big trench coat, a bit of smudgey eyeliner for a little dramalama, and you’re solving crimes like Eddie Constantine.

Current detective Muse? Anna Karina in the crazyviolentwackytimes film (that I LOOVE) Made In USA. I think these are the only film stills without gushing blood??? Watch it, watch it now.

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Just a quick set of photos of Diane Kruger in this month’s Contributing Editor. Part of me really wants to hate Diane, cause she’s like this alien-esque freaky deeky example of perfect. She never looks messed up or dishelved – and don’t get me started on my theory of how her and Joshua Jackson are a total setup. Conspiracy theory much? Really they are darling, but I find it hard not to poke truth holes in their picture-perfect life.

Anyhooo how nice and fall-feeling are these pictures? Camel, rust, navyyyyyyy!

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Is it weird to say that these pictures are so me? The Lake and Stars lookbook as shot by Tom Hines. Via Refinery29.  I think I might have issues with romanticizing cult culture.


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Some pictures I took a couple weeks ago at this really neat jewelry shop and veritable treasure trove in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Old Hollywood. It’s on Franklin Street.

It really is splendid. Nothing is too pricey but everything is so special. I think it would be a good spot to find a good friend a birthday present.

All the necklaces, bracelets, and charms are placed very artfully – with a kooky idealism.

It is not too far from another one of my favorite stores, Fox and Fawn. I like living in Brooklyn. All these pictures were taken on my iPhone and I’m very satisfied with the quality. Makes it fun and I’m taking lots of pictures recently.

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“Make his blood run hot and cold”. Best slogan ever. GOBLINS? WEREWOLFS? Men as werewolfs and goblins – women as the enchanting, transfixing witch – LIKES THIS. LIKES THIS VERY MUCH. I would like to see monsters, goblins, and otherworldy creatures incorporated into advertising campaigns more often. Is that too much to ask? Tim Walker I’m looking at you.

Going through a phase. TheFashionSpot fueling epic discoveries.

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I’m a total sucker for 60s advertising. I mean who wouldn’t want a Rootin’ Coral Fashion Stick? Hey Helena Rubenstein, gimme that.

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