My first New York summer. Truth be told I was more than startled by the ubiquitous humidity. It’s real and it’s real intense. Once you get past breeze that feels like exhaust pipes, there is a strange magic to summertime here. I’ve officially moved to Williamsburg, a major positive. Goodbye, stanky midtown cesspool of an apartment, and hello, mustache captial of the city.

The prolific amount of free outdoor concerts and film screenings makes for enchanting nights… Just the other week, we went to Prospect Park bandshell to see Sonic Youth. A little time spent fiddling our thumbs in line, and we were lucky enough to get third row seats. Though those seats were taken from us… We were punished for dancing on them! Can you really blame us though? Kim Gordon (et al) were rocking and rollicking really fucking hard.



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2 responses to “SONIC YOUTH SUMMER

  1. I would’ve loved to have seen Sonic Youth this summer, minus the humidity of course. I’m glad you’re loving NYC, but California told me to tell you, that is misses you!

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