In June, two of my very favorite California ladies came to stay in my small Brooklyn apartment. But (CHEESEBALL ALERT!) my heart was big enough to fit the both of them into my life for two straight weeks of raucous fun. End of sentimental sidebar… Mallory quickly fell in love with wandering the SoHo streets, clearly a superb morning activity after coffees at Saturday’s and pastries at Balthazar. I showed them around NoLIta and we had an impromptu photoshoot with their favorite Botkier bags from our Fall collection.PS.. Hi REBECCA, Hi MALLORY, hope this is only MILDLY embarrassing.

Rebecca is carrying one of my favorites, the Conor crossbody in black. It’s really more of a charcoal, which is how I justify adding it to my already too large of a collection of BLACK bags. Giggle.

Mallory flaunts the Maddie satchel in leopard. Surprise surprise my other favorite! Too many bags on my list right now – NEED HELP. She is in front of one of my favorite restaurants, L’Asso! She was recently scolded by a coworker for not brushing her hair enough but isn’t her hair so perf beachy wavy casualcool awesome? Love it and love her! Come back to me, both of yous.



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  1. Hooray for friends who visit! I wish I knew someone named Mallory.

  2. California lovers are the best!

    And ugh, I need that Maddie satchel in leopard. Ugh because I need to save up for my move at the end of the month & then furnishing the new spot. Darn you, Tanya. You’re too good at your job. 😉

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