My parents always warned me against meals you eat while in jail. Don’t mess up, they would say, or you’ll end up eating just milk and bread, and what kind of person can live off milk and bread alone? Now, while there are far worse things to worry about while behind bars,  what with the possibility of shanking and rape. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes – In the midst of attempting to make an analogy. Bread and milk is how i feel about all these classic styles coming back into fashion. Staples, certainly, but a girl can’t live off milk and bread alone – nor can she live off of beige, tan, and stark basic clothing options. Atleast this one cant – I haven’t the discipline for minimalism.

One look I’m obsessed with – beyond the paring down of studs and other shredded bullshit, is shearling! What better way to make someone think you could possibly be AMELIA EARHEART? Heaven knows she was never found… It’s a little bit airplane pilot, a eensy bit Penny Lane-catch my drift? Shearling is FUN!

Shearling from Burberry FW10.

Shearling on Lili in I Shot Andy Warhol

Burberry yet again. Can you blame me?

One might be inclined to romp around pantless through a quiet meadow while wearing such playful fur (faux i hope!)

JCrew’s Fall Winter 2010 collection features gorgeous shearing details!

Love child chic – et cetera. What do you think? Will you be going fuzzy, furry, etc? I THINK I WILL BE.  Until then – you can find me lurking overpriced vintage stores trying to find a Penny Lane-esque coat.



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2 responses to “MILK AND BREAD

  1. I’m always going furry and fuzzy, whether it be my coats or legs.

    Long live the S.C.U.M manifesto!

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