The ‘Pool Parties’ at the Williamsburg Waterfront start today. They used to take place at McCarren Park next to the pool but gossip and folklore tells me someone DIED in that pool. Anyway perhaps unrelated, now they’re at the Waterfront. Magical. The first concert tomorrow is Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof, and Why? Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu are playing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures but in all candor I couldn’t really give a fuck. I’m going for WHY?

WHY? is Yoni Wolf’s project, he is on Anticon record labels along with a bunch of other kickass bands (odd nosdam, doseone)… I am bad at putting musical genres into words but it is folksy feverish psyched out indie rock with a pitter patter of hip hop/rap. Sometimes shocking, weird, vulnerable lyrics. Anyway WHY? is one of my favorite bands ever.

Do you listen to WHY?  Or do you hate it? Talk to me about it! In the coming weeks these cool bands will play too: Cut Copy, No Age, !!! (what?! I had no idea they were still around!), Delorean, Chromeo. Most of all it’s free! And in my neighborhood!

Here’s more straightforward information on Brooklyn Vegan.


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