The latest editorial to absolutely enchant me happens to be photographed by Terry Richardson (for Vogue Nippon). Honestly, I’m going to ignore the entire discussion about his alleged perversion as some of my favorite artists have less than kosher reputations: Woody Allen (pssst!), Roman Polanski (AHEM!), you probably get the idea…

What does shine through for me in this editorial is the importance of a dynamic creative team. Stylist George Cortina channels with extreme precision Jane Fonda’s style in Klute.  Equipped with square-shaped gold rimmed oversized sunnies, turtlenecks, and skillfully employed belts, INSTANT TIME WARP. The model, Freja, is the perfect mirror to play off Jane’s gamine yet luxe appeal in the 1970s film. Terry’s photos evoke a vintage, days-past sensibility and it WORKS in this edit without flaw. Klute is one of my favorite New York films, and I’m thrilled to see that fashion editors are taking note of it.

If you haven’t seen Klute, what are you waiting for?! It’s on Netflix Instant View so get with it. OH yeah ps – See my previous post on Klute HERE !

Images via Noir Facade.



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4 responses to “DETECTIVE WORK

  1. I’m completely OBSESSED with this editorial! Isn’t it so amazing? Freja is unreal. Love love love love.

  2. why is it that freja can do no wrong?

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