One of my besties in San Francisco (HI SIERRA! I LOVE YOU!) is a lifelong vegetarian and long time vegan and just got a new fancypants job – I told her I’d help her find chic vegan shoes – it’s definitely tough, and there are so many frumpy eco-friendly brands… It’s depressing…   That being said, some of my finds below – some of them are ADORABLE. Ps, Sierra loves black stuff and leopard print and sometimes zebra print. Any further suggestions please comment! Some are higher end- some are lower end… Some are more ethically produced, some are not. Voila!

OlsenHaus Balance Slingbacks – i LOVE the red heel…

OlsenHaus shooting star sandals. The gold detailing = ace !!

Dollhouse Kendra faux suede wedges – aren’t the studs neat!

MIA Corset Dress wedges – geometric & cool!

Stella McCartney Vegan Zebra Booties – On Sale at Shop Savannahs!

Stella McCartney Vegan Mesh heels – DYING (so good!) AHHHH! they’re on sale at Bergdorf’s.. I’m an enabler…

Forever 21 Cross Strap Bootie. Cheap. Fake leather. End all be all.

Thanks to all my friends for your suggestions – though Crocs were a bit ill advised… unless they’ve been making gothy/witchy/wonderful shoes I don’t know about.



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5 responses to “VEGAN QUEST

  1. Sierra Siemer


  2. CoaFA

    those stella’s are magic. GET THEM!!!

  3. Sierra Siemer

    i’m literally buying the mia ones right now

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