Now that my blog has more than two readers (Hi Mom!) I find it opportunistic to use it as a vehicle to embarrass my friends. Or atleast rattle on about how incredible and darling they are. I mean isn’t that embarassing? Not only is Kate a total dankie (this means super hot in Tanya slang) but she keeps uploading the most charming videos to youtube of her singing with her boyfriend, who is also adorable.

Are you charmed? I am charmed. When friends are 3,000 miles away, it is comforting to hear them serenading you via Youtube. Well that is how it goes in my head anyway.



Filed under Momentary Muse

3 responses to “HIGH PLACES

  1. love to embarrass my friends and love the blog – been reading in the shadows, by the way. (the wwd post was a favorite.)

  2. I think you have at least 3 of us!

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