Doom Generation is super fucked up and a little insane but whatever ’cause it’s one of those 90s movies no one really talks about but it happens to have great style. Rockabilly steez. Including: perfect Cat-eye sunnies.  Bad ass leather jackets.  Red lipstick. And the plastic coat in the last pic resembles Prada’s plastic coat this season.



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2 responses to “DOOM GENERATION

  1. I used to own this and Nowhere on Vhs. I saw this movie as a young teen and I remember loving it. My boyfriend had never seen it so we watched it recently. Yeah, it is a tad fucked up and REALLY goofy, but it holds a special place in my heart. Who couldn’t love that scene where that hot guy eats his own cum …. oh yeah, most people! Not me. Loved it.

  2. Sierra Siemer

    lolz i love this movie

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