Summer in NYC is practically upon us and everything is becoming more magical and wonderful. Sure, there’s that sticky balmy weather to whine about, but it feels like everyone makes up for it by being even more awesome. Days of rooftop parties, backyard bbqs, and picnics in the park are bountiful – so I joined in the hosting fun with a rooftop crafternoon. We tie-dyed (colors included a pee-shade of yellow (we’re mature…) dark blue, and an indigo purple. Our resulting teeshirts are spectacular! Sorry for the awful picture quality, i only took cellphone + film photos (which have yet to be developed).

Caitlin tie-dying the now dopest scarf ever.

Our DIYs waiting to dry!

Christina’s new shirt is epic! Looks like jellyfish.

My Proenza-inspired masterpiece! I’m obsessed 🙂



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2 responses to “ROOFTOP ROMP

  1. CoaFA

    tie-dye me jealous, your tank looks amazeeee i want it!

  2. These shirts look soooooooooo good and professional! I’d buy one.

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