New kind of post. Fashion inspiration via in the movies. television, and pop culture. Ranging from the hideously tacky 90s VHS to something more critically acclaimed.  Starting with The Craft! Gothic schoolgirls gone totally right. Clueless but with a bitter edge.



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5 responses to “INSPIRATION POINT

  1. i was so unbelievably obsessed with this movie when it came out! My heart just skipped a beat when i saw these stills…

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Sometimes I read your blog or tweets and I wish we were totally hanging out so we can gush about things like this!

    Definitely one of my favorite 90s movies. The fashion was perfect. Remember baby tees? Haha.

    PS You have to take a look at this
    I also mention Clueless. I think film wise, we’re pretty in sync.

  3. ted

    hahaha I remember this movie too, I think we still have Emerald Video’s copy lying around somehwere…

  4. i need to start wearing crosses more often. love the goth, yet cool detail of them.

  5. Sierra Siemer

    my favorite movie …

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