With a flood of surfer-chic spreads in nearly every glossy, it’s easy to get bored by another editorial urging you to dye the tips of your hair green, pink, or blue. That being said, I find myself transfixed by the references of times past in this month’s romp of an editorial in Elle Serbia. Supermodel Georgina Stojiljkovic brings an bird-like elegance to Milena Rakocevic’s set of photos. I can’t help but think of film noir, and the B picture phenomenon, pin-up girls and Brigitte Bardot. The madcap styling of creative force Iva Stefanovic keeps the set quite modern.

Images via Noir Facade



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2 responses to “TOUCH OF EVIL

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I am BORED with all those lame editorials posted on every over fashion blog with some dumb colored streak.

    These I can totally get behind! Thanks for bringing something FRESH!

  2. ted

    after reading the single man post I thought this was going to be about the movie touch of evil…

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