SUPER HOT FILM STILLS FROM A SINGLE MAN – Tom Ford’s directorial debut, a visually sizzling cinematic wonderpiece. La dee da, fluffy language but really  I can’t explain the intense, visceral quality of the film properly in sentences. It’s arousing. Probably the best movie i’ve seen in the theater all year. and I go to the movies a lot. Maybe my second favorite movie I saw was Broken Embraces by Pedro Almodvar. Both of these movies were snubbed by the Academy.


Ps- wow! So many posts today. I’m feeling bloggy.

Pps. As I watched this film I realized how intensely my friend Matt Billings aka Mothlight Band looks exactly like Nicolas Hoult. Forreals.



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4 responses to “A SINGLE MAN

  1. Single Man was totally SNUBBED! By far my favorite movie last year. I think you and I would have a fun movie marathon.

  2. ted

    haha! when I saw this film I deeked about how much that bro looks like matt also, to the extent that when I was talking about it I just referred to his character as matt billings. what a joke.

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