The It Brit

If you know me, you will quickly notice I am unapologetically OBSESSED with Woody Allen. Caps are necessary. FromHannah and Her Sisters to Manhattan Murder MysteryStardust Memories and everything in between. In Vicky Cristina Barcelona (my personal fave from this decade… thus far!) it’s hard not to notice sizzling Penelope Cruz but even more enigmatic is the quiet and neurotic character played by Rebecca Hall. I am quick to jump to the conclusion that she’s the female “Woody Allen” stand-in.  However, in this stunning photoshoot that caught my eye while flipping through Vogue Italia, she’s anything but a ball of nerves. Seriously so lovely.



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5 responses to “The It Brit

  1. I am soooooooooooooo into Woody. I really enjoyed this film – light hearted and fun! Rebecca Hall is pretty cool too. I loved her look in Frost/Nixon. It is worth seeing just for her ensemble.

    PS I really HATE Match Point. Your thoughts?

    • Gotta see Frost/Nixon still…
      I’m somewhat conflicted about Match Point. I absolutely hated it the first time I saw it-but have since watched a few more times and grew fonder of it.
      I like it for it’s portrayal of madness-and (quite literally) absurd, out of control passion.

  2. is it just me or does she look very angelica houston-esque in the picture with a hat?

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