Hair inspiration… I have always had this whimsical notion of having bright, primary, ketchup tinted locks. Though I doubt I’ll be mimicking Raggedy Ann anytime soon… Maybe just temporarily crimson?



Filed under Momentary Muse

7 responses to “JUST A THOUGHT…

  1. i like the third one down the best…gorgeous. And red would really look amazing on you. i love when people decide to go redheads

  2. you know who you forgot to mention? emily from skins! i want it and her slanted bangs. i miss emily from season 3.

  3. don’t forget Jeanne Claude (rip)!

  4. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair red, but the upkeep seems grueling. Also, I’ve always wanted to watch this show but never have – how much do you recommend it?

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